indonesianblackWe are pleased to announce a brand new product “Indonesian Black” to our shop

Sourced from the Island of Java, these bars are made from a highly prized strain of cacao. The beans are visually striking as they are exceptionally light in colour and they have a slightly higher cacao butter content than usual. This makes them highly prized by chocolate manufacturers, particularly in the use of milk chocolate. The beans produce a bar with light caramel notes.

“Sourced near Surabaya in East Java, Indonesia, this single bean cacao has been carefully roasted in our factory in Devon using traditional methods to capture the bean’s light caramel notes. Its characteristics change with each harvest – like fine wine.”

With 572,000 metric tons of cocoa beans produced, Indonesia is the third world biggest producer of cocoa after Ivory Coast and Ghana.
Indonesian Cocoa export are currently valued at approximately $600-700 million per year and provide the main source of income and livelihood for over 400,000 smallholder farmers and their families.

We have added the Recipe of a Traditional Indonesian Desert for you to try with the new Cocao here !