Cocoa Nutritional InformationIt’s always good to know what the Nutrition Facts are for the products you are buying. People with Type (I) or (II) Diabetes especially need to monitor their carbohydrate intake to keep their blood sugar level as low as possible due to lack of insulin. Below is the Nutritional Information for 70% and 100% Cocoa!

50g of 100% cocoa
250 Kcal
7g Protein
13g Carbohydrates (0.5g sugar, 8g fiber)
24g Fat (16g sat fat)
50g of 70% cocoa
275 Kcal
3.75g Protein
16.25g Carbohydrates (13.75 sugar, 2.5g fiber)
21.25g Fat (12.5g sat fat)

The lower percentage the Cocoa , the more Calories, Carbohydrates and  Sugar and the less Protein and Fiber