This site is to provide information about Venezuelan Black Products Produced by

Willie Harcourt-Cooze

Due to demand , this product has not yet been made available to online stores. This is the ONLY on-line method of obtaining this one of a kind product.

Currently being aired on Sundays on Channel 4 at 9pm is the amazing Journey of the creator Willie Harcourt-Cooze to achieve his quest of the very finest pure Cocoa

From bean to cuisine. Everyone’s affordable luxury. Selected from the finest cacao regions in Venezuela, these beans are traditionally roasted in our chocolate factory in England to bring you the individual and exotic flavours in a 100% solid Cocoa bar.

Ingredients : 100% Pure Cocoa

Born in Venezuela , Made In England


Nut and Spice Flavour

Citrus Flavour

Berry Fruit Flavours

Best Before : 17/02/2009

Willie Harcourt-Cooze – aka Organic Willie is the only small cacao grower-producer in the UK. He has been farming cacao for more than a decade at the Hacienda El Tesoro, his beautiful farm in the breathtaking heights of the Henri Pittier National Park.

No pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals of any description have ever been used on Willie’s cacao trees, which are irrigated by water that runs down from the cloud forest-topped mountains. Once the beans have been harvested and fermented on his farm, they head directly across the sea to his chocolate factory in Devon, South West England.

Willie’s huge, shiny cacao processing machines look like something out of a cartoon. His traditional 1920s batch roaster and antique conching tanks from Spain growl and groan and thud as they process the beans to achieve the unique scrumptious flavour of VENEZUELAN BLACK.

VENEZUELAN BLACK can be used in a multitude of ways, enriching anything from aromatic truffles, cakes and creamy hot chocolate to dark savoury sauces, gravy and casseroles. Its delicious, distinctive 100% pure cacao flavour is exceptionally versatile and adaptable.